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Scott Wildman

Director, Centre for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships,
University of Kent

Scott joined the University of Kent in 2011 since then he has validated, led, managed and developed a number of programmes for workforce development, many allied to the pharmaceutical industry.  These programmes often underpin apprenticeships, and have been praised at various national award ceremonies including the THELMA's (Times Higher Education Leadership & Management Awards). In 2015, Scott was appointed as Director of Kent's Centre for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. Recently he was recognised at the National Apprenticeship Awards as Apprenticeship Champion (Regional Highly Commended, 2018).

Join sector leaders as they share leading examples and practical insights in ensuring excellence and delivering quality in the development of higher and degree apprenticeship schemes

  • Sharing insights and the challenges of establishing a successful contract between a provider, employer or subcontractor and ensuring key performance indicators are delivered upon
  • Understanding how sector leading providers developed their costing and pricing strategies in collaboration with employers
  • Evaluating how a provider can ensure financial accountability and the effective delivery of a funding model across a scheme
  • Monitoring and reviewing student progression through an apprenticeship programme through successful evidencing up to the end point assessment
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance in the establishment of a course in line with the Apprenticeship Performance and Management Rules