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Dr Ken Powell, Director of The Apprenticeships Unit, Canterbury Christ Church University (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the progress of standards approvals at the higher and degree level following the ‘better and faster’ initiative
  • Assessing the characteristics of a quality and development focussed higher apprenticeship programme
  • Examining the new framework for the external quality assurance (EQA) of end point assessments (EPA) to assess best practice within the assessment process
  • Analysing the opportunity for enhanced collaboration between providers and employers in developing new apprenticeship standards

Jonathan Mitchell, Deputy Director for Standards Development, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing how higher and degree apprenticeships can effectively match the demands of employers and national skills shortages to enhance productivity
  • Exploring the next steps in supporting the apprenticeship system to act on the requirements of the Industrial Strategy
  • Reframing the debate to allow apprenticeship provision to be focussed on high quality and employer led schemes
  • Unlocking opportunities for SMEs and non-levy payers to facilitate higher and degree apprenticeships

Adrian Anderson, Chief Executive, University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring how to unite the separate entities of the apprenticeship landscape towards one purpose
  • Understanding how to navigate the multi system and multi agency apprenticeship landscape

Dan McManus, Director of Development, The Federation for Industry Skills & Standards (CONFIRMED)

Hear from the National Apprenticeship Awards Higher or Degree Apprentice of the Year 2018 and assess:

  • The journey and motivating factors to becoming a higher or degree apprentice
  • What makes an apprentice thrive and succeed in their role?
  • How can employers and providers ensure they meet the needs of an apprentice and deliver a programme that offers real value?

Jordan Coulton, Paralegal, Weightmans (CONFIRMED)
Sarah Hardy-Pickering, Head of Learning and Development, Weightmans (CONFIRMED)

  • Meeting the quality and regulatory expectations of the OfS and Ofsted in the design of an apprenticeship programme
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of programme delivery and assessing the progression of apprentices
  • Ensuring ‘off-the-job’ training meets the requirements of employers and matches key performance indicators to support successful skill development
  • Supporting course retention and clear employment opportunities for apprentices following the end point assessment

Laura Woods, Director of Academic Enterprise, Teesside University (CONFIRMED)
Professor Darryll Bravenboer, Director of Apprenticeships and Skills, Middlesex University (CONFIRMED)
Alastair Wilson, Head of Higher Education and Academic Registrar, South Devon College (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring insights in developing a high-quality partnership with a provider which supports value for money outcomes
  • Ensuring ‘off-the-job’ training delivered by a provider complements the skills developed across the wider programme
  • Designing provision to ensure a scheme meets business needs and delivers a return on investment
  • Profiling skill needs across an organisation to assess how apprenticeship programmes can maximise impact

Simon Broad, Head of Operations and Development, New Talent Team, BBC (CONFIRMED)
Ann Potterton, Head of Apprenticeships - Relationship Management, BT Group (CONFIRMED)
Charlotte Stacey, Head of UK Apprenticeship Programmes, BP (CONFIRMED)

  • Acting as the primary apprenticeship provider for Santander through a robust partnership supporting the delivery of degree level apprenticeships
  • Sharing insights on the design and contracting of the partnership and how Nottingham Trent University were able to meet the business needs of the Santander programme
  • Co-designing and co-delivering the curriculum to ensure a highly integrated course for apprentices
  • Asking the right questions of employers to ensure there is the development of a clear management and teaching infrastructure for the programme
  • Discussing the key characteristics of an effective employer-provider partnership

Iain Gallagher, Senior Manager – Emerging Talent, Santander (CONFIRMED)
Fliss Miller, Head of Apprenticeships, Nottingham Trent University (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the journey to a successful higher and degree apprenticeship programme and how effective collaboration with employers was organised across a faculty
  • Supporting highly effective coordination between ‘on and off-the-job’ training with workplace tasks building on skills developed in the college
  • Ensuring apprentice progression with robust feedback processes, assessment planning and starting points successfully measured against new standards
  • Designing engaging content and teaching delivery to support a high-quality apprenticeship experience which supports high retention and completion rates

Mark Barnett, Head of Faculty for Advanced Engineering and Computing, Weston College (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the challenges to the existing apprenticeship funding model with funding running out for non-levy playing employers
  • Analysing how the scope and flexibility of the levy could be expanded to support a ladder of progression with greater support for level 2 and level 3 schemes
  • Supporting learning providers to improve uptakes and attract young people from 16 to enter apprenticeship programmes
  • Discussing how higher and degree apprenticeships can be provided in line with the recommendations of the Post 18 Education and Funding Review

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (CONFIRMED)

*Programme subject to change

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