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Angela Joyce

Group Principal and Chief Executive,
Warwickshire College Group

Angela Joyce joined Warwickshire College Group in April 2015 from her role as Principal and Chief Executive of Peterborough Regional College. As the Principal and Chief Executive at Peterborough Regional College, Angela led the transformation of the Cambridgeshire based College. She was then the youngest further education college Chief Executive & Principal in the country and remains the youngest ever Chief Executive in further education. Since her appointment at WCG, the Group has grown through merger and has had successful outcomes from both Ofsted inspection and QAA Review. WCG is one of the largest College Groups in the country and now includes seven Colleges based across the West Midlands.

  • Outlining the transition to delivering higher and degree apprenticeships in a leading college group with over 1,200 partnership employers
  • Assessing how the college developed schemes with employers through stakeholder networks, a dedicated employer services team and curriculum design to meet the needs of employers
  • Demonstrating to employers the college’s return on investment model in order to attract new apprenticeship partners
  • Exploring the process of developing and validating higher apprenticeship schemes within a further education content
  • Sharing the lessons learned in designing and validating apprenticeship programmes to meet trailblazer standards at a higher and degree level

Warwickshire College Group trains over 2,000 apprentices a year and is one of only 5 colleges in the UK with foundation degree awarding powers